Supermarkets spend over $20,000 A WEEK per location advertising their weekly specials on TV, radio and in newspapers. As the leading shopping cart advertising program in the U.S. and Canada since 2004, we know that 85% of your customers live within six miles of the local supermarket. We can guarantee your prospective buyers will see your shopping cart ad, because StarKart places it directly in front of them. With shopping cart advertisements placed in 12,000 locations, we've helped local businesses attract new customers and keep existing ones. Feature your message in the place consumers go to more often and spend more time than anywhere else outside their home or work... their LOCAL SUPERMARKET!! Find out how you can become THE STAR OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

The NALA's passion is to make a difference for local business owners by increasing awareness, sales and profits through our advertising programs. We have an easy to use service that helps you bridge old line advertising such as newspaper and yellow pages to the online world of news releases, video commercials, directory management, digital ads, social media postings and reputation management. In addition, we believe in "giving back" by connecting local businesses to well-run charities that help others while enhancing your community profile and growing your business. Be one of the thousands of small business owners who have become NALA Association Members. Like them you can begin to improve your business and your bottom line with NALA's help starting today. Join today!

STARSTIX helps you select locations for your target audience. We work with you to create your custom-designed campaign. Meet potential customers and remind current customers you are still there. The average grocery store sees more than 15,000 – 20,000 shoppers each week and every single one MUST go through the checkout lane to pay and exit the store. That means thousands of your current and potential customers will see your message. Target a specific geographic region or key demographic to make your STARSTIX even more relevant. STARSTIX helps you reach the exact customer you want to target.